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During the procurement process, companies face the challenges of purchasing at the lowest possible price, ensuring the necessary quality of the products, and ensuring the availability of their products. The logical step to purchase directly in Asia is usually not possible due to a lack of contacts, quality issues, or cultural differences. In addition, issues like risks of unpaid advanced deposits, inadequate legal security as well as warrantee and liability issues exist. For many companies, directly operating an office locally is unprofitable.

We offer you a solution. You source your goods directly from us and enjoy full legal security, no exposure to currency fluctuation, non-payment, or transport risks, and yet you profit from price advantages in Asia. We have the necessary supplier contacts and local offices in the supplier markets in order to ensure the necessary quality and delivery reliability. That way, you utilize the Asian price advantages with maximum security.

In addition to the direct cost reductions, we can show you possible alternative components or support you with design optimization for cost reduction. We support you in achieving your target costs.

Quality is the golden rule. We only cooperate with companies that we have known over many years or have meticulously evaluated them before they are accepted as suppliers. Qualifications and certifications are fundamentally self-evident.