We manufacture components, assemble components, and support our clients with our engineering expertise in the areas of cable assemblies/electronic parts, plastic, and metal. We help you reduce costs and offer reliable quality. Our flexible logistics solutions mean that our products are available for you just when you need them.


Reduce your costs by relying on cost effective manufacturing and the optimization of your product production process. Consistently controlling the cost of parts in mass production will help you achieve competitive prices in the long run.


Quality is our main objective. Our team includes experienced engineers who work with state-of-the-art measuring equipment. We use first article inspection reports, material inspection certificates, quality and inspection plans, etc. to ensure consistent quality.


Framework agreements, safety stock, local storage, and flexible logistics models such as consignment stock, Kanban, and just-in-time delivery allow us to guarantee that all our products are available exactly when you need them.

Our services


In collaboration with our eastern European and Asian manufacturing partners, we produce components for machines and devices that our clients in the automation, automotive, consumer electronics, medical technology, and other industries rely on to assemble their products. We work exclusively with client-specific drawings and according to customer specifications.
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Frau beim Fertigung von Baugruppen

We put together electronics parts, plastic and metal parts to create electromechanical assemblies and we perform functional testing. Every individual assembly, including its components, can be fully traced over its entire product lifecycle.
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Team beim Support und Planen

Our technicians and engineers will analyze your components to identify optimization potential in the manufacturing processes, parts geometry, used raw materials, and alternative components. The goal is to lower the price based on the total cost of ownership.
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Our products


Sheet metal, turning and milling parts, die cast and investment cast parts, sintered (MIM/PM) and forged parts

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Cables and wire harnesses

Assembled cables and wire harnesses including the development of client-specific connectors as well as a large variety of alternative components

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Plastic and rubber

Plastic injection molding and rubber extrusion parts

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