Component assembly

Using electronic parts, plastic, or metal parts, we put together electrical, mechanical, and electromechanical assemblies and perform functional testing. We can fully trace each and every assembly and its parts over the entire product lifecycle.

Component manufacturing combined with component assembly

Our component assembly team works closely with our component manufacturing team. Before we even start a project, we identify the components we can ideally produce ourselves, the ones that we need to purchase, and the ones that you as a client can provide to us. This allows us to find the very best value for money for every single component.

We internally address any tolerance problems caused by the interaction between different components. Should any problems arise during the assembly process, we will provide assistance as to which changes to which components are the most inexpensive or fastest to implement. We help you find the fastest and most cost effective way for your "time to market."

Functional testing

Functional testing plays a key role in our work. We use testing equipment and test adapters provided by our clients but are also happy to develop our own solutions. Our ultimate goal is to always be able to fully trace all tests and all used components on a unit basis. Testing results can be made available to our clients in real time via our FTP server.

Our products

Mechanical assemblies

Electrical assemblies

Electromechanical assemblies