Component manufacturing

In collaboration with our manufacturing partners in eastern Europe and Asia, we produce components that meet the highest quality requirements. We focus exclusively on client-specific articles. You will not be getting any one-size-fits-all products from us. Our range of products does not include standard parts and catalog goods. We are your partner of choice for customized solutions.

Quality matters!

In addition to professional manufacturing with tried-and-trusted processes, quality assurance is an essential part of what we do. To ensure excellent quality, we rely on our close collaboration with our manufacturing partners as well as on comprehensive quality checks on site. Our team of experienced engineers and state-of-the-art measuring equipment is key to providing consistent quality now and in the future. We use first article inspection reports, material inspection certificates, quality and inspection plans, etc. to ensure consistent quality.

Our products


Sheet metal, turning and milling parts, die cast and investment cast parts, sintered (MIM/PM) and forged parts

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Cables and wire harnesses

Assembled cables and wire harnesses including the development of client-specific connectors as well as a large variety of alternative components

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Plastic and rubber

Plastic injection molding and rubber extrusion parts

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