Our services

We manufacture components, assemble components, and support our clients with engineering expertise in the areas of cable assembly/electronic parts, plastic, and metal. Our flexible logistics solutions allow for reduced costs, reliable quality, and high product availability.

Automation, automotive, consumer electronics, and medical engineering

Our clients include medium-sized businesses and subsidiaries of international corporations in the automation, automotive, consumer electronics, and medical engineering industries, among many others. In collaboration with our eastern European and Asian manufacturing partners, we produce metal parts, cable assemblies, wire harnesses, and plastic and rubber parts commissioned by our clients. In addition, we assemble electromechanical components at our production site in Slovakia.

We are your one-stop shop!

We supervise the quality of all manufactured parts, take care of shipping and customs clearance, and store all products at our main warehousing facilities in Bratislava (Slovakia), where our clients can access their merchandise thanks to flexible logistics solutions.

With framework agreements, security stock, consignment stock, Kanban, and just-in-time deliveries, we make sure all products are available just when you need them while keeping your storage costs low.

What makes our component assembly facility in Bratislava so attractive is that it is geographically close to our clients and that the overall costs are quite attractive. We use electronic parts, plastic, and metal parts to create mechatronic assemblies and perform functional testing. Every individual assembly, including its components, can be traced over the entire product lifecycle. Quality is our main objective and reliable quality is one of our company's core competencies. Our team of engineers with different specializations and our state-of-the-art measuring equipment make sure our quality level is consistent over time. We use first article inspection reports, , material inspection certificates, quality and inspection plans, etc. to ensure quality now and in the future.

Our clients

We serve clients in a variety of industries, which makes our work both challenging and exciting. Every industry has its specific requirements in terms of licenses, documentation, quality level, and logistics solutions, which is why we create a customized overall concept for each and every client.

  • Automation
  • Automotive
  • Consumer electronics
  • Medical engineering
  • Mechatronics

Our suppliers

We select our suppliers very carefully and perform periodic audits. They all have the necessary licenses and certificates. Our quality assurance office in Shanghai allows us to be in touch with our Asian suppliers on a daily basis. In addition, it allows for seamless quality control of all products before they are shipped to Europe. In addition to our suppliers' ability to produce products of good and consistent quality, we first and foremost focus on their compliance with social and environmental standards. We have no planet B, which is why we must carefully use existing resources and reduce environmental pollution as much as possible. This is something that is very dear to our hearts.

Mercurtrade in a nutshell means: cost attractive purchasing at Asian and eastern European prices, without any international procurement risks, along with highly skilled assistance from contact persons at your location. This is what sets us apart.

Benefits with no catch

Would you like to benefit from the price advantages of manufacturing in eastern Europe and Asia while receiving deliveries from a local business? If the answer is yes, you have come to the right place! Mercurtrade is your national contractual partner that offers the legal certainty you expect, reliable quality, standard payment conditions, and no currency risk. At the same time, you also benefit from cost advantages while avoiding risks.

By working with us, you avoid the following risks:

Meet the Mercurtrade team!

Our employees come from seven different nations and live and work in four countries on two continents. They are unique personalities from a variety of cultures, with different experiences, approaches, ideas, and expectations. Together, they are a team that is always ready to help.

Our team